First of all, welcome to my little corner of the internet, and thank you for joining A Touch Of Polish by Jennifer! I am so very thrilled to have new members joining my little group and contributing to this blog of mine.

Now let me explain the lay of the land to all my lovely members.

Guest Posts
Guest posts are a great idea that was given to me to help get my followers involved. If you have any ideas that you would like to see as a guest post such as a fanfiction or story, a bit of nail art, a lovely polish, amazing song or piece of artwork, or just something that strikes your fancy; please submit them in message form or email them to me. The entries will be either picked at random if we have enough submissions or else it will be first come first serve and one post will be chosen per week!

Comments are the bread and butter of a good blog! They allow me to see what people think of my work and posts, and give me ideas to improve my blog and make wonderful posts for all to enjoy. Please don't hesitate to comment and give feedback as it is always appreciated.

If you know a site that is a kindred spirit to this blog or one that you feel would benefit its members please share a link or contact me with such, and if it is indeed fitting, I will add it to the list and give that website/blog the spotlight it deserves!

So please feel free to follow my blog and the sites that I network with, contribute with comments, and enjoy my little corner of the internet.

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