Friday, October 3, 2014

Black Dahlia Lip Tar (now with pictures!)

Hey guys I'm still alive and I appreciate the dedicated few that still read this. Just recently bought Black Dahlia Lip Tar and it just arrived wanted to do a review for anyone interested. Pictures will follow later!

First off let me say I love the practices at Beautylish where I bought the Lip tar they made this purchase a pleasure and the packaging and delivery time was amazing!  Second this lip tar is amazing! Ive never had lip tar before but after my experience with Black Dahlia and with Beautilish I'll be buying more and it'll be from there. The color goes on effortlessly and is potent and lovely.  Two pin-head sized droplets gives a lovely berry stained lip while an additional 1 and 1/2 gives you vampy beyond gorgeous lip color with full opacity.  I used EOS lip balm underneath (the pomegranate one) and the included lip brush for application (which is beyond fabulous btw) hope this review helps others!!

Wear quality update!

So after wearing the lip tar for a few hours now through eating and drinking I've found that while it does transfer to things you touch to your lips it does not truly disturb the color. Eating a full meal did thin the color on my lips a bit but it barely shows. The color also dries wonderfully with a nice sheen and feels like a cocomfortable lip balm.

Final review results? Totally in love. Will buy more as soon as I can!

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