Monday, August 18, 2014

A Revelation of a personal nature

So as of late I've been discovering and exposing more parts of myself in my life. And in this "journey" I've found some things about myself that I don't quite accept yet.. and can't believe anyone aside from myself will either. But after some thought during a admittedly low point of my emotions I realized something, something I've slowly been realizing in different points and places in my life, but its finally clicked as a whole. If I can't accept something about myself whether it be an interest, an idea or personality trait or just something physical that I can't really change (without crazy expensive surgery 'for all of you literalists out there') than how can I possibly hope for anyone to accept these things about me, or accept me as a person at all? I need to stop hiding and crouching in the pool of doubt inside myself wondering if what I'm doing or what I think or in general 'who I am' is socially acceptable enough and will anyone like me if I do 'x' and realize, if they don't like it, or at the very least accept it about me? Then why should they matter to me? To quote a phrase though I don't know where its from, Those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter. 

So for anyone who took the time to read this small book, I thank you and invite you keep your eyes peeled to see what will emerge next from my chrysalis

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