Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back From The Grave!!!!

So after far too long, I am going to do my damnedest to revive this blog and keep it alive. I have been going through so much this past year emotionally and these last few months have been hell. I lost my job back in march and while I am finally and appreciatively gainfully employed once more I am still recovering from the trauma of unemployment.

So now that I've got everyone depressed on to more positive news.

While I don't have a nail art post for you lovely people at the moment, I will try to get one out this coming week although I start work Friday so it may take longer. I am now proudly an Amazonian and work in the fulfillment center. So yay!!

In the meantime I've had a fun adventure as some of you may know from Facebook where I slipped on a PLUM in the produce area at Bi-Lo and dropped my not even an hour old Samsung Galaxy 3 phone and SHATTERED the screen. Oh and I didn't have the money for a case or insurance at the time, was going to buy them later...

But after a night of terrible stress and doubt I called Radio Shack first thing this morning and they worked with me to come to a great fix and I have a new phone and a nice Otterbox Defender case and insurance!!!!

Lets just hope the 2 work together to keep this phone SAFE!!

So more updates soon as I can

Love to all of you that are still reading!!

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