Friday, October 3, 2014

Black Dahlia Lip Tar (now with pictures!)

Hey guys I'm still alive and I appreciate the dedicated few that still read this. Just recently bought Black Dahlia Lip Tar and it just arrived wanted to do a review for anyone interested. Pictures will follow later!

First off let me say I love the practices at Beautylish where I bought the Lip tar they made this purchase a pleasure and the packaging and delivery time was amazing!  Second this lip tar is amazing! Ive never had lip tar before but after my experience with Black Dahlia and with Beautilish I'll be buying more and it'll be from there. The color goes on effortlessly and is potent and lovely.  Two pin-head sized droplets gives a lovely berry stained lip while an additional 1 and 1/2 gives you vampy beyond gorgeous lip color with full opacity.  I used EOS lip balm underneath (the pomegranate one) and the included lip brush for application (which is beyond fabulous btw) hope this review helps others!!

Wear quality update!

So after wearing the lip tar for a few hours now through eating and drinking I've found that while it does transfer to things you touch to your lips it does not truly disturb the color. Eating a full meal did thin the color on my lips a bit but it barely shows. The color also dries wonderfully with a nice sheen and feels like a cocomfortable lip balm.

Final review results? Totally in love. Will buy more as soon as I can!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Revelation of a personal nature

So as of late I've been discovering and exposing more parts of myself in my life. And in this "journey" I've found some things about myself that I don't quite accept yet.. and can't believe anyone aside from myself will either. But after some thought during a admittedly low point of my emotions I realized something, something I've slowly been realizing in different points and places in my life, but its finally clicked as a whole. If I can't accept something about myself whether it be an interest, an idea or personality trait or just something physical that I can't really change (without crazy expensive surgery 'for all of you literalists out there') than how can I possibly hope for anyone to accept these things about me, or accept me as a person at all? I need to stop hiding and crouching in the pool of doubt inside myself wondering if what I'm doing or what I think or in general 'who I am' is socially acceptable enough and will anyone like me if I do 'x' and realize, if they don't like it, or at the very least accept it about me? Then why should they matter to me? To quote a phrase though I don't know where its from, Those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter. 

So for anyone who took the time to read this small book, I thank you and invite you keep your eyes peeled to see what will emerge next from my chrysalis

Monday, June 16, 2014

Simple elegance

Just a quick post, my current Mani Liquid Leather by ORLY with Queen Of Everything by Sephora.  Very happy my nails are almost at my goal length across the board :)

Will do more posts soon!

Love to my readers!

Oh and Happy Fathers Day!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back From The Grave!!!!

So after far too long, I am going to do my damnedest to revive this blog and keep it alive. I have been going through so much this past year emotionally and these last few months have been hell. I lost my job back in march and while I am finally and appreciatively gainfully employed once more I am still recovering from the trauma of unemployment.

So now that I've got everyone depressed on to more positive news.

While I don't have a nail art post for you lovely people at the moment, I will try to get one out this coming week although I start work Friday so it may take longer. I am now proudly an Amazonian and work in the fulfillment center. So yay!!

In the meantime I've had a fun adventure as some of you may know from Facebook where I slipped on a PLUM in the produce area at Bi-Lo and dropped my not even an hour old Samsung Galaxy 3 phone and SHATTERED the screen. Oh and I didn't have the money for a case or insurance at the time, was going to buy them later...

But after a night of terrible stress and doubt I called Radio Shack first thing this morning and they worked with me to come to a great fix and I have a new phone and a nice Otterbox Defender case and insurance!!!!

Lets just hope the 2 work together to keep this phone SAFE!!

So more updates soon as I can

Love to all of you that are still reading!!