Saturday, March 2, 2013

My latest polish haul and Iridescent Forest Butterfly Wing manicure

from left to right: Rain Check by Wet N Wild; Visually Slimming by Spoiled; Checkin' into Rehab by Spoiled; My Saturn Broke Down by Spoiled; Gray's Anatomy by Wet N Wild; Plenty Of Fish In The Sea by Spoiled; A Cut Above by Essie; Candid Cameron by NICOLE by OPI; As Gold As It Gets by Essie; Show Me The Money by Spoiled; and finally Bite Me by Spoiled. 
I am in LOVE with these nails. I cannot stop staring at them! It all started out when I was paying my bills last night and after all was said and done I had MONEY LEFT! I found out CVS was still open and thing I know I'm 40$ poorer but have all these pretty polishes!! I created this look with a base of The Parking Meteor Expired with a coat of Show Me The Money both by Spoiled. I then used Visually Slimming by Spoiled to draw the wing lines and realized the black was dimming out the green so I took As Gold As It Gets by Essie and a dotting tool and painted it in the open spaces over the green to highlight the color. I then finished off the look with ORLY Platinum and my dotting tool to add the pearly dots at the ends. 

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