Monday, January 14, 2013

Frostbitten Aurora Borealis

I really love how this look turned out and it came out wonderfully I have to thank the great haul that I got at Sally's last night. 

 I started it out with 2 coats of Want My Bawdy by China Glaze and then sponged on some Blue Bells Ring around the base of the nail; then I used Shine by ORLY in the middle area and finished off with sponging Platinum by ORLY at the tips. Now to enhance the purplish hue of Want My Bawdy I used Love Each Other by ORLY over top all of the nails which brings in a vibrant hint of purple shimmer that is even difficult to capture with a camera.

  • Now a quick question for all of you lovelies; what motivates YOU to buy new polish? What inspires a new look for you? 

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