Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A lovely author friend of mine

Inside The Mind Of Kindra Kinnaman

Please take a look at the blog of this amazing author that I am the publicist for!

Her beautiful writing speaks for itself <3

1st episode of the Touch Of Polish By Jennifer Video Blog!

Well my lovelies here is my first ever video blog episode! I hope for it to be the first of many! Enjoy <3

Friday, May 10, 2013

Blue Morpho Butterfly Wings manicure and an update! Please read!

 Yes folks, that is a photo of your illustrious nail art author. ME. With my now raspberry plum hair color :) SO, I was recently inspired by Gemma at The London Beauty Review to put a little variety in my eye makeup. Which led me to an idea.. how about including makeup and hair  in a more active role on my blog? So here I am, from here on out I will be posting more often and including makeup and hair updates and product reviews. Sooo to get to my latest mani as I'm sure you are all dying to see it, I painted the ever so classic Butterfly Wing design! I have tried this design many times before but it never came out this good. I truly feel that it perfectly resembles a Blue Morpho Buttefly Wing and am very proud of it! I used a color that I didn't even remember buying! The base color is called Deep Ocean by Spoiled, it took 2 good coats to get it nice and opaque but it has good coverage and so far no chipping!! I used Liquid Leather by Spoiled for the black and Platinum by ORLY for the white dots. Also I have been using a new base coat Nail Tech Foundation II ridge filling base coat to strengthen my nails since they sadly have been pretty soft and peeling a lot lately but after using this base coat for roughly a week my polish is adhering nicely a and my nails are already showing improvement! So far I am impressed.

Now for any of my readers that are dye hard (yes that is a horrible pun) red heads, aka Dyed Redheads I just want to let you know what all has been going on with my hair color journey.  Well to start you off with a bit of history, my hair is a pure and virginal as possible, I have spoiled it as much as humanly possible for the last 10 years and have spoiled it with a bit of silicone in the mix for the 8 years prior to that. So overall my hair is well pampered. Well after 18 years of growing my hair which is a bit over 5ft from root to tip and having done some raspberry semi perm and 1 or 2 perm highlight sets on my hair I discovered that while I was claiming to be in love with my natural color every time my highlights faded away I was miserable with my mousy blondish brown. So I finally got myself 2 boxes of Balsam dye by Clairol (I was really broke but didn't want to postpone and lose my nerve) in Burgundy and dyed the whole head. Now after a session of eye watering application and the inevitable dyed bloodbath of a rinse in the tub I had a much darker than anticipated blackberry storm color that I quickly fell in love with...but it quickly faded to a brownish raspberry.. the color I originally wanted..but no longer. So I started to do some research on how to keep red hair color from fading. I found out for the most part I had done EVERYTHING that would COMPLETELY FADE THE COLOR -_-;; Soo once I got paid again a few weeks later I went to Sally's and got some Wella Dye and Developer and after another eye watering session I had beautiful violet rasberry color that so far over a week later has NOT faded. Now to protect the color, here is what I've been doing.
  • No sulfates or cones in conditioner (had been doing this forever so no change here)
  • Cold water rinse for hair
  • 3 day wait to wash after first dyeing the hair
  • used Riveting Reds color depositing conditioner by Quantum combined with my steadfast conditoner Cantu Shea Butter conditioner
So I hope those tips help my fellow dyed redheads, and to give you a tidbit to look forward to, tomorrow I will be posting about new eye makeup looks! 

Stay Tuned everyone (just teasing...but please keep your eyes out for the post!!)
also more pictures below the cut!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunlit Cherry Blossom Tree manicure

 Yes my dears I am still alive.. I have just been in an artistic slump and for a while now and my nails haven't really been post worthy as of late. But today.. I finally have my artistic groove back. It took me around an hour of painting with a very fine tipped brush to paint the trees but I love it!  I used Essie's As Gold As It Gets and Color Club's Snowflakes as a base to get that beautiful dappled sunlight look. Then I used a simple Liquid Leather by Spoiled for the tree limbs themselves and Bite Me red by NYX for the blossoms with Color Club's Ho Ho Holly mixed with Show Me The Money by Spoiled for the leaves. I really love how the super translucent background makes flowers look like they are done in watercolor.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My latest polish haul and Iridescent Forest Butterfly Wing manicure

from left to right: Rain Check by Wet N Wild; Visually Slimming by Spoiled; Checkin' into Rehab by Spoiled; My Saturn Broke Down by Spoiled; Gray's Anatomy by Wet N Wild; Plenty Of Fish In The Sea by Spoiled; A Cut Above by Essie; Candid Cameron by NICOLE by OPI; As Gold As It Gets by Essie; Show Me The Money by Spoiled; and finally Bite Me by Spoiled. 
I am in LOVE with these nails. I cannot stop staring at them! It all started out when I was paying my bills last night and after all was said and done I had MONEY LEFT! I found out CVS was still open and thing I know I'm 40$ poorer but have all these pretty polishes!! I created this look with a base of The Parking Meteor Expired with a coat of Show Me The Money both by Spoiled. I then used Visually Slimming by Spoiled to draw the wing lines and realized the black was dimming out the green so I took As Gold As It Gets by Essie and a dotting tool and painted it in the open spaces over the green to highlight the color. I then finished off the look with ORLY Platinum and my dotting tool to add the pearly dots at the ends. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Blood Chocolate Champagne Celebration with a bonus Bawdy Manicure

I truly adore this look, its one of my most simple looks as of late but I seem to be working on appreciating the simple things in life. I started out with a few coats of this little vixen Sexy Plum by NYX which in regular light looks like a black polish with a shimmer but you really catch the beauty in the sun when hints of burgundy and whine and chocolate peep through. I then sponged a blended bit of Shine by ORLY at the tips to get this beautiful look. 

I couldn't believe the deal that I got with these NYX polishes; I bought Sexy Plum, Fire Amber and Ice Glitter each for $.99 and I got my 1rst fake bottle of ORLY! Its a very pretty semi opaque cream with a purple shimmer polish, but you can smell the doomed 3 chemicals when you open it! 

Also as you will see below not only am I sporting a lovely Thor's hammer keychain ;) and if you look further you will see my current look. A color that I couldn't spoil with anything I fell in love with Want My Bawdy by China Glaze.. the color doesn't show itself well enough in most lights but I adore it and can't stop staring at my nails. It shows the shape and growth improvements of my nails and I just can't stop staring!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Frostbitten Aurora Borealis

I really love how this look turned out and it came out wonderfully I have to thank the great haul that I got at Sally's last night. 

 I started it out with 2 coats of Want My Bawdy by China Glaze and then sponged on some Blue Bells Ring around the base of the nail; then I used Shine by ORLY in the middle area and finished off with sponging Platinum by ORLY at the tips. Now to enhance the purplish hue of Want My Bawdy I used Love Each Other by ORLY over top all of the nails which brings in a vibrant hint of purple shimmer that is even difficult to capture with a camera.

  • Now a quick question for all of you lovelies; what motivates YOU to buy new polish? What inspires a new look for you? 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starlit Amber manicure

Well, this is one of my more lazy manicures that I've done but I am really proud of it. I finally got the opportunity to use this little beauty by Illamasqua called Creator and finished off the little beauty with Snowflakes by Color Club on the tips. The only downside of this beautiful look is that it is nearly impossible to photograph the beauty of the polish. I really am sorry for the laziness of my polish lately I've been growing through some tough depression lately and its effecting my creativity and I suffered some unfortunate nail breaks as you can see from the lack of length :( .  Here's a question for all of you lovely lacquerista's out there; what do you do when you get depressed when it comes to your nails/your creative outlet?