Saturday, December 29, 2012

Golden Moss Garden manicure and Sephora Christmas Presents!

I had quite a bit of fun making this design and it all started with the strangest bit of inspiration and an amazing Christmas present. I saw a beautiful teal gradient in the hair of this drawing and it gave me the perfect opportunity to use my new colors. I started this look out with a base color of Llamasqua's Viridian which looked lovely by itself I must say! I then sponged The Parking Meteor Expired by Spoiled around the tip and the cuticle leaving the center untouched and alternating a top bottom and a diagonal pattern. I then sponged Ho Ho Holly by Color Club in the center of the nails. I then used a color of my own creation called Jade which is a nice jelly type of green polish with no real shimmer in the dead center. I then took Melon Green by Klean Color to add a highlight in the center and topped it all of with a thin coat of 18k Gold flake topcoat by Sephora! My haul from Sephora is a the bottom of the post so please make sure to take a look and please forgive my dry skin.. I know it doesn't compliment my nails. 


  1. I like it its a simple design but still really beautiful.


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