Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sugerplum Dreamscape manicure

 Well let me start with saying thank you to all that are still reading my lovely blog after my long hiatus. It has been really tough for me lately and while Ive been doing my nails I haven't really had the energy or oomph to post them. But now I'm back and it should be for good.

Now about this lovely manicure, I had quite a bit of trouble coming up with an idea and the only thing I really knew was that I wanted something with a bit of my as of yet unused Matt Me Crazy polish. So after much tinkering around with my art paper (I test all nail designs on art paper before ever painting my nails) I was using my dotting tool and accidentally made a firework type design on the paper with Christmas colors! It was then that my idea struck, and I began painting my nails. 
 I started out with 2 coats of Winter Wonderland by ORLY on each nail, completely covering my nails and when that had dried I applied Fast Dry topcoat by China Glaze to each nail. Then I carefully applied a nice amount of Liquid Leather by China Glaze from the middle of my nail to the tips being careful to keep the edges where the white and black meet nice and jagged to symbolize a horizon between snowy ground and dark sky and when that had dried I took my Matt Me Crazy polish and applied it only over the black. I then took my Bite Me by Klean Color and did a nice dot on each nail, following out in a firework like pattern with Lux by ORLY and finally Ho Ho Holly by Color Club.  Now unfortunately as the paper and my nails are quite differently sized canvases my pattern did not turn out quite as firework like as I would have hoped I am in love with my nails nonetheless :)

By the way what does everyone think about the pictures? I took these with my new phone that has a 5.0 megapixel camera :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm very sorry.

I have to apologize to you my lovely followers, I have been dealing a lot with my life lately and I have been too stressed out and too emotional over everything to do proper nail art that is worthy of showing to everyone. I am not giving up and I have a feeling that my next nail art design will be blog-worthy and I will post it here so that it can be enjoyed.

Thank you to everyone who is keeping up with me and I look forward to surprising everyone with my latest manicure!

Ja ne!