Sunday, September 30, 2012

Snow Dragon

This manicure was one of my favorite looks that I've done so far. My only regret is that the photo's don't show the beautiful fade of colors that I worked on. I started out with Winter Wonderland by ORLY and did SEVERAL good coats of it because it was fairly translucent. Then I took Lux by ORLY and placed a couple of decent sized drops midway up the nail and did the same with a few drops of Winter Wonderland at the base and took a makeup brush and carefully brushed the colors forward to get a good gradient going. Once this was mostly dry I took Sheer Brilliance by Essie and did a good coating of it on my nails and then a good couple of coats (its so thin it takes a few) of Love Each Other by ORLY and finished off with my current favorite topcoat by China Glaze.

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