Monday, September 17, 2012

Possible solution to stamping woes

Well ladies I think I have a solution for detailed nail art and when you just can't find a stamp for the design you want. 

What you need:
  • Something to pick up a pattern. One of the stampers from a kit is best but if you can find something around the house that'l pick up a pattern and transfer it then go for it!
  • Your favorite nail polish
  • a plastic baggie or small sheet of tinfoil
  • your topcoat of choice
  • a fine tipped brush or whichever brush you feel comfortable painting a design with.
 So lets say you want a detailed design but its hard to draw on your hands and its not in your stamping plate set or you just don't have one. What do you do?  Draw it yourself.
Draw the design you have in mind on a plastic baggie or small square of tinfoil carefully and then take your stamper or improv tool and press it against your design, check to be sure it is intact and place it on your nails! Now this may take trial and error and I'll admit this is based mostly on theory and research right now but I do plan to try it myself with my tutorial here and post my results. 

So please give this a shot and post your results! I'm really interested to see how this works for people!

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