Sunday, September 9, 2012

My journey to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

 This manicure was so much fun! At first I was desperately scouring the internet for inspiration trying to find something to paint that I would fall in love with.. When finally after looking at my colors I saw that I finally have a flawless rainbow so I thought what the heck? But to make it interesting I ended my rainbow with the perfect twist.  I started with Blood Red by Klean Color and then went to Harvest Moon by China Glaze, then Metallic Yellow by Klean Color, Agro by China Glaze, Up All Night by China Glaze, Deviantly Daring by China Glaze, No Plain Jane by China Glaze, Pearl Silver by Klean Color, Charcoal by Klean Color and finally my pot of gold Tart With A Heart by Butter London. Now to keep it interesting I sponged the transition of colors on each nail to make a seamless gradient like transition, and to make it more beautiful than just a clean line I took scissors to a makeup sponge and put grooves into the sponge to get a nice flickering line of color for the sponging. Then I finished my look off with my extra holo powdered Northern Lights top coat and Seche Ultra V. This was also my first time cleaning up my mani with q-tips and non acetone nail polish remover and I don't think I did half a bad job.


  1. Very colourful :D
    Id love to see them after they have been cleaned up at the edges, try a nail polish remover pen to get the fiddly bits.

    Also Id suggest cutting your nails to a uniform size. Some are long, some short, some pointy and some square. make em all match up and itll add to the overall effect :)

    1. Thank you :) I don't have a cleanup pen and the qtips only do so much but the excess usually just flakes off naturally. As far as the lengths my index fingernails never grow past their current length and my other nails grow similarly so I'd have to have either permanently short nails or my current lengths so I've stopped worrying. I do appreciate the advise though.

  2. I was watching some random video and she used a smallish, flat, stiff-bristled paintbrush dipped in remover and it worked surprisingly well.


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