Sunday, September 30, 2012

Falling into Moonlight

 I am in love with this (my current) look, it was really fun to do and hides a cool little secret. I started out with 3 good coats of my loooovely Glow In The Dark polish by China Glaze after doing my base coat. Then I took my secret weapon polish that I hadn't had a chance to try yet Date in The Moonlight by Essence and painted a good thick bit at the base near my cuticle and painted it around halfway up the nail. I then took Winter Wonderland by ORLY and put a generous amount from the rest of the nail up and took my makeup brush and carefully brushed the colors up to create a faded gradient. When the colors had dried enough I took Love Each Other by ORLY and put a nice coating of it overtop the gradient. I then took my dotting tool with a brush at the other end and then carefully using combinations of Blood Red by Klean Color and Harvest Moon by China Glaze, Lux by Orly and Blood Red by Klean Color and Blood Red by Klean Color with Harvest Moon by China Glaze. It was very difficult to paint these leaves and I had to do a bit of googling to get them right but I am overall pretty happy with the results! I would have used my nicer camera to take the pictures but yet again my cell captures the colors the best, especially in combination with my lamp for my Kindle Touch 3g.

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