Sunday, September 30, 2012

Falling into Moonlight

 I am in love with this (my current) look, it was really fun to do and hides a cool little secret. I started out with 3 good coats of my loooovely Glow In The Dark polish by China Glaze after doing my base coat. Then I took my secret weapon polish that I hadn't had a chance to try yet Date in The Moonlight by Essence and painted a good thick bit at the base near my cuticle and painted it around halfway up the nail. I then took Winter Wonderland by ORLY and put a generous amount from the rest of the nail up and took my makeup brush and carefully brushed the colors up to create a faded gradient. When the colors had dried enough I took Love Each Other by ORLY and put a nice coating of it overtop the gradient. I then took my dotting tool with a brush at the other end and then carefully using combinations of Blood Red by Klean Color and Harvest Moon by China Glaze, Lux by Orly and Blood Red by Klean Color and Blood Red by Klean Color with Harvest Moon by China Glaze. It was very difficult to paint these leaves and I had to do a bit of googling to get them right but I am overall pretty happy with the results! I would have used my nicer camera to take the pictures but yet again my cell captures the colors the best, especially in combination with my lamp for my Kindle Touch 3g.

Snow Dragon

This manicure was one of my favorite looks that I've done so far. My only regret is that the photo's don't show the beautiful fade of colors that I worked on. I started out with Winter Wonderland by ORLY and did SEVERAL good coats of it because it was fairly translucent. Then I took Lux by ORLY and placed a couple of decent sized drops midway up the nail and did the same with a few drops of Winter Wonderland at the base and took a makeup brush and carefully brushed the colors forward to get a good gradient going. Once this was mostly dry I took Sheer Brilliance by Essie and did a good coating of it on my nails and then a good couple of coats (its so thin it takes a few) of Love Each Other by ORLY and finished off with my current favorite topcoat by China Glaze.

Wishing Well manicure

 I'm terribly sorry everyone for vanishing off of the face of the earth. I've been completely scatterbrained and while I've been doing nail art on the regular I have not had the focus to create art blog post for you lovely readers. I had quite a bit of fun with this sponged look, I tested out the technique of soaking your makeup sponge in water, wringing it out and then using it for sponging and found it did help with the sponge eating all the lacquer! I layered my polishes in a flame like pattern on the sponge starting from base to tip with: (my first non glittery polish I've bought since becoming a lacquerista) Liquid Leather by China Glaze, Watch It Glitter By ORLY (love this color, found a similar color by Essie but this was 1.50 less and had more polish!), finally Lux (not only my first ORLY color but my first gold polish) by ORLY. It took several coats of sponging to get an opaque look but I really love how it turned out. I then did a coat of my new favorite color that I plan to NEVER run out of (even though I hate the chosen name) Love Each Other by ORLY it looks like a bottle of rainbow moonstone!  Btw I apologize for the blur in the camera but at the time of the manicure I didn't have a working card reader for my normal camera so I used my cell and honestly, the cell caught the colors better in my opinion!

Also a side-note, I will be re-running my contest and revamping it a bit next week since I was unable to reach the winner. So stay tuned so you can have a chance to win and current entries will be allowed to be modified to be entered in this contest.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Possible solution to stamping woes

Well ladies I think I have a solution for detailed nail art and when you just can't find a stamp for the design you want. 

What you need:
  • Something to pick up a pattern. One of the stampers from a kit is best but if you can find something around the house that'l pick up a pattern and transfer it then go for it!
  • Your favorite nail polish
  • a plastic baggie or small sheet of tinfoil
  • your topcoat of choice
  • a fine tipped brush or whichever brush you feel comfortable painting a design with.
 So lets say you want a detailed design but its hard to draw on your hands and its not in your stamping plate set or you just don't have one. What do you do?  Draw it yourself.
Draw the design you have in mind on a plastic baggie or small square of tinfoil carefully and then take your stamper or improv tool and press it against your design, check to be sure it is intact and place it on your nails! Now this may take trial and error and I'll admit this is based mostly on theory and research right now but I do plan to try it myself with my tutorial here and post my results. 

So please give this a shot and post your results! I'm really interested to see how this works for people!

Friday, September 14, 2012

We have a new look!

I would like to do a big thank you to a lovely person, Liz Reitz! Thank you so very much for your hard work on redoing the look for my blog. You have done an absolutely wonderful job and I couldn't be more in love with the new look. I know I'm a bit biased but I have to say that my blog is the best looking blog around :) *no offense whatsoever to all of you lovely bloggers out there, you are oftentimes my inspiration for making my blog the best and you have beautiful blogs, I'm just a bit partial to mine :)*

on a side-note please followers try and be patient as the changes are happening to my blog, things will vanish and be added as she continues her work making my blog more beautiful :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Starry Mosaic Nail Contest Winner Announcement!!

So after much deliberating and reviewing the lovely entries to my first ever contest I am happy to announce Audrey Higginson has won a free bottle of nail polish 10$ value shipping included from! Congratulations! I truly wish I could have picked more winners but sadly money is very tight right now so multiple prizes aren't in the budget. So Audrey please choose your prize from Copius and either post in the comment section below or message me and I will have your prize sent to you in 1-2wks. 

Please remember if I don't hear from you in 48hrs Audrey I will have to go to our second place winner and give them the prize, so please contact me asap!

Thank you so very much for entering everyone and I will have a new contest coming soon so please keep reading!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My journey to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

 This manicure was so much fun! At first I was desperately scouring the internet for inspiration trying to find something to paint that I would fall in love with.. When finally after looking at my colors I saw that I finally have a flawless rainbow so I thought what the heck? But to make it interesting I ended my rainbow with the perfect twist.  I started with Blood Red by Klean Color and then went to Harvest Moon by China Glaze, then Metallic Yellow by Klean Color, Agro by China Glaze, Up All Night by China Glaze, Deviantly Daring by China Glaze, No Plain Jane by China Glaze, Pearl Silver by Klean Color, Charcoal by Klean Color and finally my pot of gold Tart With A Heart by Butter London. Now to keep it interesting I sponged the transition of colors on each nail to make a seamless gradient like transition, and to make it more beautiful than just a clean line I took scissors to a makeup sponge and put grooves into the sponge to get a nice flickering line of color for the sponging. Then I finished my look off with my extra holo powdered Northern Lights top coat and Seche Ultra V. This was also my first time cleaning up my mani with q-tips and non acetone nail polish remover and I don't think I did half a bad job.

Bohemian Wonderland

 Well I really enjoyed this mani while it lasted.. but sadly I think that between my inspiration funk I've been in and my index finger that is infamous for being the first to chip.. this manicure didn't even survive a week. But no worries as I had fun making it! I used No Plain Jane by China Glaze as my base color which sadly took several coats to get full coverage but I still enjoyed the final color.. although I have to say this is probably the most feminine color I've worn so far. I then took Party All Night by China Glaze, Agro by China Glaze and Deviantly Daring by China Glaze to handpaint the flowers then took Stroke Of Brilliance by Essie and Tart With a Heart by Butter London on the tips at an angle. Please forgive the air bubbles guys.. my Seche Ultra V caused them.. Btw as some of you may wonder, why the name I felt that it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland because of the wimsy but Bohemian because of the colors, also hope you enjoy Captain America's cameo in this :)

I set fire to the rain! And painted my nails with it.

So laqueristas.. I've been in a creative slump lately and this was kind of an emergency mani. I used Bluey by Butter London as the base which let me tell you was NO EASY JOB! It took 3 coats to get it completely covered and it refused to dry! After nearly 2 hours under my UV Lamp it still wasn't even tacky! I don't know what caused it.. it wasn't even that hot out! Well after finally getting Bluey to dry I used Chunky Holo Poppy by Klean Color and my dotting tool to get little dots of my favorite to date holo jelly color, its beautiful little orange holographic bits of chunky glitter suspended in a orange transparent base, it shimmers like living flames. I tried to capture the color changing properties of the dots in my pics. Enjoy :)

So followers.. what do YOU do when you need an emergency mani (your current one flakes past repair) and inspiration is missing?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Contest reminder! Don't miss out on free nail polish!

So I have decided as I've seen more people becoming followers everyday so in order for more people to have a chance at this lovely prize I am extending this contest. And in light of that extension I want to give more people a chance to win this lovely giveaway.Please don't miss out! I will no longer be accepting entries as of midnight est on9/7/12 and will be announcing a winner 9/13/12 The winner will receive an email from me and if I do not receive a response in 48 hours I will go to the second place winner.

edit: fixed the date

This contest is officially closed, the winner will be announced on 9/13/12 so please keep an eye out for an email from me!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

nailXchange: nailXchange's Big Purple Giveaway

 Saw a pretty amazing giveaway on a fellow blogger's blog and thought I would share it with you guys :)

nailXchange: nailXchange's Big Purple Giveaway: How about a giveaway for all my fellow purple freaks?! Yes?!  I'm sure some of you out there love purple everything as much as I do, right?...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blue Moon Butterfly mani

This was so messy but so worth it! This was my first succssesfull watermarbeling! I made this beautiful look with the following colors Deviantly Daring by China Glaze, Bluey by Butter London, Up All Night by China Glaze with added holo powder, Agro by China Glaze with added holo powder and No Plain Jane by China Glaze. I also to add to the look used Stroke Of Brilliance by Essie at the tips and Tart With A Heart by Butter London overtop that and finally a healthy coat of Seche Ultra V. I really love the different swirls that I ended up with and after the cleanup the look turned out quite beautiful! Plus I finally had a reason to use my Tart With a Heart by Butter London! T

Blue Morpho butterfly wings mani

I had a lot of fun doing this look especially since it was my first time doing the butterfly wing design. I love the base color, it was my first time doing marbling with the polish already on my nails. I started out with one coat of China Glaze's Deviantly Daring and adding a drop of Party In The Penthouse by Nicole and Bluey by Butter London and used my dotting tool to marble the colors. I then did the lines with Charcoal by Klean Color and instead of white dots I used Stroke of Brilliance by Essie. Now when I completed the lines and accents I found that the lines didn't show so I used Chunky Holo Poppy to accent the lines and of course a generous helping of Seche Ultra V to finish off the rest!

Now confession time.. I wont say that this is my best look and it didn't really feel like it came out the exact way I wanted it and plan to try the monarch wing design again at a later time with some tweaks.