Monday, August 13, 2012

My Fukai Mori (deep forest) nails

           To create my Fukai Mori (deep forest) gradient I used Agro with Silver Rush holo powder by China glaze for the bulk of the nail and Charcoal by Klean Color at the base of the nail and with Holo Green by Klean Color at the tips to make this gradient. I call it Fukai Mori or deep forest after a beautiful Japanese song by Do as Infinity that is used in the anime Inuyasha and is a personal favorite of mine. I picked the name because the gradient resembles the deep greens of a forest with hints of sunlight sparkling through and exposing the hidden beauty that is nature. This is most certainly my most favorite nail art I've done so far with my new brushes and colors. Here are some pictures of Fukai Mori some are pre-cleanup and others are after. Please forgive the poses as the color is so dark that only a few lights show it and I had to use my Kindle light to catch the beauty.

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