Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neverending Rainbow manicure

 This has to be one of my most favorite things Ive done with nail art since I began to truly dive into the field. The steps to create this beautiful look were actually pretty ingenious if I do say so myself. I started out with one color of the rainbow covering each nail so that my hands themselves made a rainbow. I then took the color that followed the base color of the nail in the sequence and painted a layer on that to make a new stripe and did so for each nail and continued to get the results in these pictures. I am truly proud of the beautiful design and may try it again in the near future. If I do then I will most likely use my nail art brushes to really make more artful stripes on the nails. Please forgive the mess on the edges, the pictures that were pre-cleanup came out neater and expressed the colors more beautifully. Here is a list of the colors I used: a Burgundy of my own making, Metallic Orange by Klean Color, Dessert by Klean Color, a Jade Green I created, Superhero by Del Sol (with a bit of my own modifications), a Smoky Lilac that I created and finally Party In The Penthouse by Nicole and Northern Lights holographic Topcoat

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