Friday, August 24, 2012

My first Ulta visit and latest haul!

from left to right Tart With A Heart, Harvest Moon by China Glaze(got from Sally's) Bluey
 So I finally went to Ulta for a little treat and OH MY GOODNESS I have never been more overwhelmed with joy and excitement, especially in a store! Its crazy especially since I used to be a tomboy for the longest, if it wasn't for my obsession with hair, that led to eye makeup and finally my nails I would still be shying away from any feminine obsessions. I just couldn't believe the variety that they had at Ulta.. the brands, the makeup and nail polish.. it was just beautiful! I just wanted to buy it all! I was so tortured though when I found the Essie polishes.. since I had never had the joy of owning any Essie and I desperately wanted the infamous Shine Of The Times polish but sadly as the salesperson had explained to me they were out of most of their Essie polishes because of a shipment problem. I didn't let this setback get me down for long as soon as I drooled my way to the Butter London polishes and oh the JOY. I finally understand why all you lovely laquerista's shell out the big bucks for this lovely brand! I finally decided on Bluey and Tart With A Heart and they are gorgeous, especially layered together!
I also got as you can see some beautiful eye makeup by NYX that looks and feels gorgeous and didn't cost an arm and a leg! You can also see my beautiful stamping plates that I ordered off of Amazon combined with the ones that came with my set from Sally's. As a bonus you can see a lovely pic of this beautiful butterfly that allowed me to pick it up off the pavement outside and the picture shows my current lovely manicure :) 
Well keep painting readers and please don't forget my amazing little contest 
its an amazing way to get a free bottle of polish! 
More pics after the cut

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