Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Firepower at my fingertips

 I had so much fun designing this look! I am truly proud of how it came out and it kinda represents how my life is right now. I started out sitting there and staring at polish completely unable to decide where to start. I couldn't decide what pattern and what look to go with, the only thing I could decide on was my colors. I knew I wanted something warm, fall like and full of color. I thought of doing the feather like look that's been a fad lately but it just didn't click for me. I finally decided on a gradient and trying to use a sponge to get my perfect look. Unfortunately the gradient was just missing something... it didn't have that fiery autumn feel. So I finally got an idea to cut and trim bits and pieces away and then painted the colors on. I started out with Charcoal by Klean Color and painted a layer of Blood Red by Klean Color and a layer of Metallic Orange by Klean Color and a layer of Harvest Moon by China Glaze and finally some Metallic Yellow at the tips, now the whole time I was building this in an arch and flame shape and finally the sponged look was these beautiful flames. Now I tried stamping some critters in the flames for symbolism.. such as a Salamander or a Hummingbird for flying or walking through flames but the stamps didn't like the sponged texture and just didn't fit. So I finally decided to try a coat of Chunky Holo Poppy by Klean Color and that REALLY made the flames roar! I am in love of this look! Now with all the sponging it took a few coats of Seche Ultra V to get the shine and smooth texture but I am truly in love with the final look. 

Now to finish off this post I have a question for my lovely followers.. when do you finally decide that its time to change your polish? Is it one big chip? Or is it when one whole nail of polish peels off? What is your final straw that makes you change it up?

Taken under LED light and while holding the main 3 polishes involved Harvest Moon by China Glaze, Blood Red by Klean Color and Chunky Holo Poppy by Klean Color
Taken with a sunlight filter on my camera

Taken under LED light

Taken with florescent light

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