Monday, August 20, 2012


     So it has been brought to my attention that some of my followers would like to make posts of they're own on my blog as a way to get the message out or just show off works that they're proud of. 
    So with much thought and consideration I've decided that having guest posts is a wonderful idea and I will try to have a guest post once a week. To keep things fun and to encourage more readers I will randomly select guest post ideas from my followers and they will earn the spotlight guest post of the week! Now if no guest posts are received I will send an invitation to one of my lucky followers to come up with a guest post and give them the opportunity for a spotlight. Now please don't feel that this is all about how lucky and fortunate you are to post in my blog, far from it I want your feedback and would love not only the opportunity to collaborate with other artists by having them post a guest post in my blog but also to give people a chance to be appreciated in they're own spotlight!
 In order to submit your guest post ideas please either post a comment with a link or the text to the post and I will turn it into your very own blog post on my blog!

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