Saturday, August 25, 2012

Added tips to Starry Mosaic~

 So as you all know I just got 2 lovely colors by Butter London yesterday Bluey and Tart With A Heart and I have been just ITCHING to try them out, especially since they were 14$ a bottle! So after much tinkering around with my stamping plates and a piece of art paper to test out possibilities before actually applying them to my manicure, I decided to just do a thin french tip on each nail with Bluey by Butter London. I adore the look, it provides a nice contrast to the holographic topcoat shimmering over the rest of the nail while the color works perfectly with the blue and silver shimmering mosaic pattern. So with no further ado here are some pictures

Also just a reminder I am still running that contest to win 1 free bottle of nail polish  please don't miss out!

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