Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Firepower at my fingertips

 I had so much fun designing this look! I am truly proud of how it came out and it kinda represents how my life is right now. I started out sitting there and staring at polish completely unable to decide where to start. I couldn't decide what pattern and what look to go with, the only thing I could decide on was my colors. I knew I wanted something warm, fall like and full of color. I thought of doing the feather like look that's been a fad lately but it just didn't click for me. I finally decided on a gradient and trying to use a sponge to get my perfect look. Unfortunately the gradient was just missing something... it didn't have that fiery autumn feel. So I finally got an idea to cut and trim bits and pieces away and then painted the colors on. I started out with Charcoal by Klean Color and painted a layer of Blood Red by Klean Color and a layer of Metallic Orange by Klean Color and a layer of Harvest Moon by China Glaze and finally some Metallic Yellow at the tips, now the whole time I was building this in an arch and flame shape and finally the sponged look was these beautiful flames. Now I tried stamping some critters in the flames for symbolism.. such as a Salamander or a Hummingbird for flying or walking through flames but the stamps didn't like the sponged texture and just didn't fit. So I finally decided to try a coat of Chunky Holo Poppy by Klean Color and that REALLY made the flames roar! I am in love of this look! Now with all the sponging it took a few coats of Seche Ultra V to get the shine and smooth texture but I am truly in love with the final look. 

Now to finish off this post I have a question for my lovely followers.. when do you finally decide that its time to change your polish? Is it one big chip? Or is it when one whole nail of polish peels off? What is your final straw that makes you change it up?

Taken under LED light and while holding the main 3 polishes involved Harvest Moon by China Glaze, Blood Red by Klean Color and Chunky Holo Poppy by Klean Color

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Added tips to Starry Mosaic~

 So as you all know I just got 2 lovely colors by Butter London yesterday Bluey and Tart With A Heart and I have been just ITCHING to try them out, especially since they were 14$ a bottle! So after much tinkering around with my stamping plates and a piece of art paper to test out possibilities before actually applying them to my manicure, I decided to just do a thin french tip on each nail with Bluey by Butter London. I adore the look, it provides a nice contrast to the holographic topcoat shimmering over the rest of the nail while the color works perfectly with the blue and silver shimmering mosaic pattern. So with no further ado here are some pictures

Also just a reminder I am still running that contest to win 1 free bottle of nail polish  please don't miss out!

Friday, August 24, 2012

My first Ulta visit and latest haul!

from left to right Tart With A Heart, Harvest Moon by China Glaze(got from Sally's) Bluey
 So I finally went to Ulta for a little treat and OH MY GOODNESS I have never been more overwhelmed with joy and excitement, especially in a store! Its crazy especially since I used to be a tomboy for the longest, if it wasn't for my obsession with hair, that led to eye makeup and finally my nails I would still be shying away from any feminine obsessions. I just couldn't believe the variety that they had at Ulta.. the brands, the makeup and nail polish.. it was just beautiful! I just wanted to buy it all! I was so tortured though when I found the Essie polishes.. since I had never had the joy of owning any Essie and I desperately wanted the infamous Shine Of The Times polish but sadly as the salesperson had explained to me they were out of most of their Essie polishes because of a shipment problem. I didn't let this setback get me down for long as soon as I drooled my way to the Butter London polishes and oh the JOY. I finally understand why all you lovely laquerista's shell out the big bucks for this lovely brand! I finally decided on Bluey and Tart With A Heart and they are gorgeous, especially layered together!
I also got as you can see some beautiful eye makeup by NYX that looks and feels gorgeous and didn't cost an arm and a leg! You can also see my beautiful stamping plates that I ordered off of Amazon combined with the ones that came with my set from Sally's. As a bonus you can see a lovely pic of this beautiful butterfly that allowed me to pick it up off the pavement outside and the picture shows my current lovely manicure :) 
Well keep painting readers and please don't forget my amazing little contest 
its an amazing way to get a free bottle of polish! 
More pics after the cut

Starry Mosaic nails and Stamping Tips! **Contest Inside** **1 week extension on contest!**

So this post is very picture heavy as you can see. I had quite a bit of fun with this design as it was my first time playing with stamping plates.  I used 2 good coats of Pearl Silver by Klean Color as a base color and then carefully stamped the starry pattern over my nails using Party All Night by China Glaze with holographic powder added in. Now my first tries with stamping came with quite a bit of issues, namely with the patterns made to fully cover the nail rather than those that are just one object. The patterns for full coverage were very difficult to get to come off of the stamping plate all in one piece let alone trying to get them on the nail all in one shot. So what I found worked was doing several placements using a technique similar to sponging to get the effect and get most of the stars intact. I really love the look as it reminds me of a mosaic of stars and the look became even more beautiful when I added my Northern Lights holographic topcoat as it truly gave the appearance of the nights sky. Now as you may also see in my pictures I decided to feature my Luke Skywalker's Force Effects Lightsabre as holding it just added a bit of nerd to my look. I just couldn't help myself as I am most definitely a nerd at heart! 
Also on a side-note in case anyone like myself has yet to have the opportunity to enjoy lovely stamping plates you can get a starter kit at your local Sally's Beauty for around 10$ and if your like me you will want more variety in the plate selection and you can find some real steals on Amazon for stamping plates under 15$1 I managed to get 25 plates and next day shipping for 14$ I can't wait for my other stamps as I'm hoping there will be one that allows me to do a snakeskin look or even some leaves for an Autumn style. 

Also I don't know if this is an across the board sale but you should definitely if you get the chance stop by Sally's Beauty for they're 50% all red sticker clearance sale. I managed to get a lovely color called Harvest Moon by China Glaze for $.70 (after my Sally's card discount). I swear I'm starting to realize there is only one thing to do with my addiction to nail art... feed it!

**On one more note I figured a Q & A would give me an opportunity to get to know my lovely followers so I have a question for you! What is the #1 thing that drives you to do new nail art? What inspires you lovely lacquerista's to create? What is your muse?
Please type your answers in the comment section below.**

And just to make things interesting the person who gives me the best, most thought out and interesting answer will win 1 bottle of nail polish (priced under 10$ including shipping) shipped directly to them! 
Here is the website that the winner will choose their prize from 
Please try to have 2nd or 3rd choices in mind as the color you choose may have already been sold out.
The winner will be chosen on 8/31/2012

So I have decided as I've seen more people becoming followers everyday so in order for more people to have a chance at this lovely prize I am extending this contest. I will no longer be accepting entries as of midnight est on 8/7/12 and will be announcing a winner 8/13/12 The winner will receive an email from me and if I do not receive a response in 48 hours I will go to the second place winner.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers!

Thank you to all that keep up with A Touch Of Polish by Jennifer! We are finally at 800 views! I just can't wait til we have 800 followers! Lets make it happen!

Siren Song sponge gradient manicure

I am truly happy with this creation. I started out with Party All Night by China Glaze with holo powder as a base color. Then I took a makeup sponge and painted Agro by China Glaze on the sponge and sponged a fair coat in a stripe on my nails, then after doing enough coats to make sure the color was prominent I took Pearl Silver by Klean Color and sponged that onto the tip, finally I took Party All Night by China Glaze again and sponged that carefully on the base near the cuticle to blend the gradient. I really love the colors and how they contrast and blend.

Monday, August 20, 2012


     So it has been brought to my attention that some of my followers would like to make posts of they're own on my blog as a way to get the message out or just show off works that they're proud of. 
    So with much thought and consideration I've decided that having guest posts is a wonderful idea and I will try to have a guest post once a week. To keep things fun and to encourage more readers I will randomly select guest post ideas from my followers and they will earn the spotlight guest post of the week! Now if no guest posts are received I will send an invitation to one of my lucky followers to come up with a guest post and give them the opportunity for a spotlight. Now please don't feel that this is all about how lucky and fortunate you are to post in my blog, far from it I want your feedback and would love not only the opportunity to collaborate with other artists by having them post a guest post in my blog but also to give people a chance to be appreciated in they're own spotlight!
 In order to submit your guest post ideas please either post a comment with a link or the text to the post and I will turn it into your very own blog post on my blog!

My Entire Collection (so far!)

This is my entire nail polish and topcoat collection thus far, some of these polishes are over 10 years old! I have polishes that are Revlon, Sally Henson, Klean Color, Magnetic Polish by Sally Henson and by China Glaze, Del Sol, Nicole by OPI and a few others that the labels have long since worn off. Its pretty amazing to think that my collection was half this size a couple months ago!

A well rounded update

current length, please forgive the pj's
      Well first off, just wanted to throw a thank you out to all that have stopped by my little corner to view my posts and to those that have joined! 
Also wanted to recommend 2 little goodies that I have tried recently that just make you feel like you've died and gone to the spa!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Honey Facial Recipe

    Well as I promised in my blog description I love to share homeopathic tips and here are some great DIY ways to have amazingly soft skin and a few that are store bought but still amazing!
So for amazingly soft skin I have found the first start is to clean up and get back to basics, with a Honey Facial. This facial is amazing for deep cleaning of your pores as well as moisturizing, it helps with people that have issues with blemishes and the rosemary and peppermint leaves help to invigorate the skin and give your skin a healthy glow.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Jeweled Forest gradient manicure

  I had so much fun with this beautiful look. Its simplistic and yet so pretty, especially with the holographic powder in the colors. As you can see I did 2 different gradients on my nails here. For the green I used Charcoal by Klean Color at the base and Agro by China Glaze with holo powder next and finally at the tips Holo Green by Klean Color. Now for the purplish blue nails I used Up All Night by China Glaze with holo powder for the bottom and next Latticed Lilac Crackle by China Glaze for the middle and finally Midnight Seduction holo by Klean Color for the tips and finally Seche Ultra-V for the topcoat. I used a simple slightly fanned makeup brush to apply the gradient as it has made it much easier than my actual nail art blushes to get an even coat of the colors.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neverending Rainbow manicure

 This has to be one of my most favorite things Ive done with nail art since I began to truly dive into the field. The steps to create this beautiful look were actually pretty ingenious if I do say so myself. I started out with one color of the rainbow covering each nail so that my hands themselves made a rainbow. I then took the color that followed the base color of the nail in the sequence and painted a layer on that to make a new stripe and did so for each nail and continued to get the results in these pictures. I am truly proud of the beautiful design and may try it again in the near future. If I do then I will most likely use my nail art brushes to really make more artful stripes on the nails. Please forgive the mess on the edges, the pictures that were pre-cleanup came out neater and expressed the colors more beautifully. Here is a list of the colors I used: a Burgundy of my own making, Metallic Orange by Klean Color, Dessert by Klean Color, a Jade Green I created, Superhero by Del Sol (with a bit of my own modifications), a Smoky Lilac that I created and finally Party In The Penthouse by Nicole and Northern Lights holographic Topcoat

Dragon Scales manicure

 Iridescent dragon scales, done manually with small nail brush and regular brush. This was my first attempt and pics were taken with a cell phone  Colors are Klean Color's Charcoal for the base with Pearl Silver, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Orange and Melon Green for the scales and Northern Lights holographic topcoat. For any interested in how I achieved this look, I simply did little crescent moons that aimed away from the cuticle and resembled scales and simply layered them as much as I could without ruining the colors.

Mystical Swirls manicure

 This was done with Charcoal by Klean Color as the base and Party In The Penthouse by Nicole for the main bit of the swirls and Metallic Green by Klean Color for the accent and Northern Lights holographic topcoat. This was an early experimentation with nail art for me but I truly love its colors and the way it shimmered in the light.

Silver, Gold and Black Koi Fish nails

 This was my first attempt with nail design brushes and my first use of Seche UV topcoat. The colors used: for the water I used a color by Nicole called Party in the Penthouse (if I recall correctly) and a color of my own design I call Bermuda Blue that has Del Sol qualities and turns lavender in sunlight. For the fish Metallic Yellow by Klean Color, Pearl Silver by Klean Kolor and Charcoal by Klean Color. Please forgive the picture quality as I used my Sony Cybershot for several of them and they came out blurrier than I would like where the Cell pics came out great.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grayscale Sunset nails

I did this little beauty last week but as it is a favorite of mine I figured I would give it some blogging spotlight. It was done with fan brush technique using a makeup brush. The colors that I used are Pearl Silver and Charcoal by Klean Color and using Northern Lights holographic topcoat. This is one of my favorites and I love the simplicity of the black to silver gradient, its so beautiful it makes me wish that the movies hadn't ruined the word Twilight or else it would be a perfect word to describe this manicure.

Thank You

    Wow I just want to thank all of the viewers who have looked at my little corner of the internet!

                   I can't believe the reception that I've had with my first blog! I truly promise to make it worthwhile to all of you that take the time to keep viewing my bit of paradise. I plan to not only post bits of nail art, tutorials and the like but also organic recipes for you to try that are perfect for low budget households. I will also be posting bits of photography, artwork and whatever bits of crazy that enter my head. I hope that you will all join the Diamonds in The Rough and take a seat and enjoy.

Again, Thank you everyone for stopping by, for in the trying times that are today you have made my day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Fanfic Obsession of The Day

Metamorphosis by King Baka (link to the rest of this wonderful story at the end of the post) 


Disclaimer: I don’t own Inuyasha or any of the publicly known characters, plot, etc.  I’m just renting them from Rumiko Takahashi, Viz, etc.   I do own the plot of this story and any original characters I’ve created.  I will make no money from this fic; I write for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of my readers.  This disclaimer applies to all the chapters in this fic, though I will probably post abridged versions in every chapter. 

Fanfiction of the Week:  Chronicles, by Sueric. 
Just finished rereading this one, and I don’t know how it happened, but somewhere in between my first read and now I forgot just how amazing this story is.  If not my favorite fanfic ever, definitely top three.  You name it, this story has it.  Action, drama, adventure, romance, topped off with just the right amount of angst.  And Sueric writes the most beautiful lemons I’ve ever seen (though you have to wait a long time to get them…but trust me it’s worth it).  A must-read for any Inuyasha fan; just don’t expect to get it done in one (or four) sittings! 

A/N – well here it is, the beginning of the story I’ve been looking forward to writing since I first contemplated writing fanfiction.  This might not turn out to be the best fanfiction with the title Metamorphosis—that distinction probably belongs to Sueric—but it was the title I liked the best.  This story takes place sometime between episode 151 (Kagome’s Innate Choice) and the end of the anime.  I thought about diverging from the later manga chapters, but there are certain things I want to do with this story that make this impossible.  Now, on with the show!

**Important 2010 Update

My Fukai Mori (deep forest) nails

           To create my Fukai Mori (deep forest) gradient I used Agro with Silver Rush holo powder by China glaze for the bulk of the nail and Charcoal by Klean Color at the base of the nail and with Holo Green by Klean Color at the tips to make this gradient. I call it Fukai Mori or deep forest after a beautiful Japanese song by Do as Infinity that is used in the anime Inuyasha and is a personal favorite of mine. I picked the name because the gradient resembles the deep greens of a forest with hints of sunlight sparkling through and exposing the hidden beauty that is nature. This is most certainly my most favorite nail art I've done so far with my new brushes and colors. Here are some pictures of Fukai Mori some are pre-cleanup and others are after. Please forgive the poses as the color is so dark that only a few lights show it and I had to use my Kindle light to catch the beauty.